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Taylor GS Mini Review

Taylor GS Mini Review

What is it about this miniature guitar that makes it so great!? Other than the fact that its well fabricated, its a Taylor. What makes Taylor Guitars sound so amazing? Well lets talk about what I’ve enjoyed in this the small compact Taylor GS Mini review.

Its Small

Is being small being smart? In this case this guitar is intellectually small by allowing a person with big hands like myself reach anywhere and everywhere to play which style I please. While being small the fret board is spaced comparably with other larger guitars by the same name. After careful comparison when I bought and throughout my music career (however invaluable to date) played the provided nut, and action are incomparable. I fell deeply in love with the guitar, regardless of the persuasion from buying by the Long & Mcquade rep. I said its affordable, and its a playable. So I recorded a few tracks with it and now its for sale.

It Projects

So I’m in a room full of people, and I begin to play some notes on the mini, and people start out ignoring me as people usually do when a guy starts playing guitar at a party, and as I continue to play people by my surprise begin to tune in. This is why I decided to write the Taylor GS Mini review, so I can tell the world that this instrument projects against all odds, due obvious reasons across the universe. Okay, across the room, with it jam packed, into drunk ears.

How Does It Sound Recorded?

Well you tell me if you can notice that the guitar in this ‘song’ is a mini? It is, and that’s that. I would buy four of these babies just to take care of them. So why am I selling it? I’m selling it because its sell able. The product is worth the purchase, I’d buy it again, but as a starving artist I occasionally have to make rent because work is slow. That is when I sell a piece of my collective soul to keep a roof over my child’s head.

How much does the Taylor GS Mini Cost?

This guitar is a smashing $780+, and its worth every debit transaction or credit debt accumulating swipe. It should be bought, it should be hung on the walls of every musicians dream collection of fantastic instruments. That is why, one day, I will own another, and I will keep her to give to my son to learn on. Because its that perfect. I can play and so can a small child!

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Duet 2 Apogee Review

As an amateur recording artist, I took my musically experimental inclinations to the Duet 2. On my album The Eventual Transgressor I solely used this device and it produced high quality sound waves. The issue is what I can do with those sound waves from an engineering standpoint. But that is a side topic.

What I am doing here today for this review of the Apogee Duet 2 is provide you with insight into its functionality. What can this product do for your studio? It can rock! Can it give me error free recording? I noticed after a couple hours of use the device would heat up and go awol until it cooled down, so that may be an indicator the company used cheap metals and bad solder. This may be because I am an obsessive creator when I’m at it as indicated in my article titled Depression and Obsession.

Other than the over-heating factor I found the mic preamp’s were unparalleled in my recording experience. I couldn’t hear a hum to any degree. It was blissful. The tracks were so raw I believe I could with sound engineering knowledge make a professional album. My concern is not with professionalism though, but with expressing my ideas. Accomplishing this by fiddling with my fiddle, my guitars, and my drum machine the recordings were produced. Regardless of their professional end product or the song writing value the Apogee Duet 2 was a Ken in Barby land, and Obi Wan in the Star Wars universe. It was a Hitler in Tyrannical rule. It was a…okay it was the finest product I’ve tried out of the U.S.A.

Would I buy this product again? I would and I did when I downgraded to the Apogee One on an interim cheapskate recording binge. I needed an outlet, and with my big white Macbook from the early new millenia I’ve done my best with the Apogee lower end products and dreamt of a rig I manifest destined myself to have, which includes the Apple Tower with 16 GB of Ram, an Apogee Symphony I/O, and an expensive full toned ribbon mic of choice that I wouldn’t want you to know I have, because I’d be paranoid you would steal it from me in the night.

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April 29, 2017

Recording for the first time in months, I new after my fourth visit to Fiercemule Studios much would be achieved. The album will be my best yet! For it to be so, I will have to switch into a higher gear, and I did so by buying a new Godin hollow body Acoustic/electric. Dialling into more detail, the parts are proving to be harder than when I created them. More practice is necessary to  start capitalizing on the four hour recording sessions. The next session is June 17, 2017. May I be more focused in the meantime.

As the days pass, in retrospect I wasn’t prepared. I listened to Martin Short talk about how important it is to rehearse. It is becoming more apparent as I age. I work to be less punky, and more practiced. Recording is as difficult as performing live.