Soft Along The Tracks

                                                        Soft Along The Track

  1. Subsequent Retrogression
  2.  Her Movements Part I
  3.  Her Movements Part II
  4.  Her Movements Part III
  5. Breathing
  6.  Cultural Anxiety
  7.  Two Warm-Hearted Suns
  8. The Shift
  9. Overdriven Kindly Finally Forgiven
  10.  A Hollow Poem


9.     Over-driven Kindly Finally Forgiven

 Go Peacefully, parody,

Do I repeat in new fashion,

The same passion x2,

Must I crawl as he passes,

A mad ink pad dipping into danger.


Myself the master,

Entering an unwhiteman discovered reservation,

I see their wandering eyes, 

Can he really live as the punctual Prophet,

And so they look aside at the clouds.


Puffed but simply stopped by a god’s eye,

And the questions start going:

Who am I? How did I get here? Where am I to go when the earth stops spinning.

Consummation faster to slow,

Who doesn’t believe in anything, anything eternal,

Infernal or wicked I’m just a tad crooked,

Its obscure if I was the one, If I was the one who took it,

‘It’ is the catalysts kiss,

All apologies that’s the way it is.


Myself the master,

Entering a discolored path into failure,

But not anymore.


If this was the last time to rip it,

I would give my best, but I’m not going to get mixed up in a narcissistic mess,

We all got one or two things that we need to release,

One of these is to feasibly stop the stress, and if you can’t you’ve got to dampen it,

And if you can’t you’ve got to get a clamp on it,

And if you don’t implosion, there goes your emotion,

The consummation like I said before, but much much worse and much more hardcore,

Like a Kurt Cobain, one shot to the brain,

If that was the count five bullets remain for me, for you, for whomever.


Myself the master, putting my hat down no more cover,

Myself the stranger,

Myself the master,

No woes, no foes, I ain’t got nothing to worry about anymore x3