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Schizophrenia and Psychosis

Schizophrenia and Psychosis are two severe mental illnesses.

Schizophrenia Definition: When a person no longer sees reality the way it is. A schizophrenic hears voices and sees things that are not there. Someone with this mental illness loses reality, and becomes anti-social.

Psychosis Definition: A psychotic person acts aggressively with out remorse or shame.  Begins to see and think in delusions, hallucinations, and thinks in strange unrelatable  thought patterns.

These two illnesses are very similar, and one could almost say they are the same illness accept if you were a psychologist you would know that schizophrenia and psychosis have an outlying difference. A schizophrenic person does not completely lose logic. Where as a psychopath will use logic to benefit themselves when they see fit, even if its at the expense of another person or animals health and in some cases life.

Elyn Saks- Associate Dean and Orrin B. Evans Professor of Law, Psychology, and Psychiatry and the Behavioral Sciences at the University of Southern California Gould Law School.

I witnessed a TED talk of a woman with schizophrenia who struggled severely from this mental illness, and aimed direly at mental health. When she would attempt to live without pharmaceutical medication reality became different. As the speaker in this video titled ‘A tale of mental illness’, Elyn Saks tells a tale of tragedy which leads to perseverance and success. In the video she explains her journey. Elyn explains how she was in university, and had to work with questionable voices and hallucinations. She describes them as paralyzing, and maddening. She goes on to describe the severity of her condition, and finally she concludes its possible to function, and achieve as she has done.

Paul Bernardo

In contrast to the tale of Elyn Saks is the complicated insane case of Paul Bernardo. A true psychopath Mr. Bernardo was booked for raping 11 young woman after stalking them from bus stops in the metropolis of Toronto. He was also convicted of murdering two women. In this video with ‘Bernardo’ we can clearly see his manipulative motives to persuade the officers with a chillingly compelling strategy. You cannot tell he is psychopathic. He is social, and appears normal. Its common for psychopaths to appear social when it is necessary and a psychopath in prison is a psychopath always in need of being social. But it is common for psychopaths to be anti-social guiltless shameless humans.

It is possible to have both schizophrenia and psychosis simultaneously, but its recommended you don’t! Many psychologists struggle to highlight the causes for the two conditions. Interestingly enough, common in psychopaths, as it is in schizophrenia, is their experience with mental, physical, and sexual abuse from parents, relatives, and close family friends. It appears that psychosis is directly related and developed from repeated abuse of any kind in early child-hood development, but schizophrenia can be genetically triggered. “in Western uran society, the socialization of children is entrusted largely just to the parents, often to just a single parent, and if the parents are overburdened or incompetent or unsocialized themselves then even a child of average temperament may grow up with the antisocial tendencies of a psychopath. I use the term “sociopath” to refer to persons whose unsocialized character is due primarily to parental failures rather than to inherent peculiarities of temperament. On the other hand, the psychopath is almost certain to be a bad parent and the child who receives from a parent both an unsocialized environment and a hard-to-socialize temperament is doubly handicapped. ( Page 7 Handbook of Psychopathy).”

With these comparisons, we can conclude the two illnesses are far too different and they range in causes. It can be understood that people with schizophrenia and psychosis can live a functional life. Success relies on frequenting a doctor for schizophrenic and psychopathic medicine and mentoring.





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